Your Loyalty is Rewarded and Appreciated.

Loyalty point is a reward program aimed at rewarding you when you purchase from us over a period of time.

For every product purchased from us, you are awarded an equivalent point which you can use after a while. Here, you accumulate points which you can use over time. The more you pay the more points you acquire.

Points can be used to:
* Pay for any service (full/partial)
* Get vouchers

Learn How it Works

How It Works

  • 01


    Pay for any of our services

  • 02

    Accumulate Points

    The more you pay, the more points you accumulate.

  • 03

    Redeem Points

    Accumulated points can be usedn to pay for a service with us

Unlike other reward program like refer&earn and Friday special loyalty point works by you accumulating points over a period of time and the point gathered can be used to pay partially or fully for a product with us.

- Ensure you pay with the same email
- You get a mail each time you pay stating your point & your point keeps accumulating
- To redeem your point, send a mail to rewards@tatagency.com or chat/call 09160010056

TATAgency Loyalty Points

Terms and Conditions:

- You can only use your point to make any purchase after 5 payments
- Points are valid forever
- Points will not be paid as cash but can be used to pay for a product (part/full))
- Points are transferable or can be used for a second party
- Partners & refer&earn sales are not eligible for loyalty points



Convert Points

100points = ₦10,000
On a payment of up to ₦100,000 you can get up to 25points.